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Drop the 5 KG of fat in 5 steps….. guaranteed!

Boredom Eating – If you catch yourself eating out of being bored then we have to get you to snap out of it. Look into overriding this habit with something else like going for a walk, reading a book, drinking water instead of grabbing that packet of chips. This is more about self control and

It’s 40 degrees, what do you do?

The time of writing this it is 40 degrees outside and sitting here in my office it’s nice and balmy 20-odd degrees. Very pleasant for me, my team and my clients. When my clients come in there are 2 responses. “OMG it is so hot and can’t wait to get out of the heat. ”

Give your life a haircut

Our hair grows naturally and we do need to cut it to maintain the length, body, feel and overall appearance. In life, our problems tend to grow and we can feel overwhelmed and stuck if we don’t look after it. If you feel the need to start with a new lease on life then do

Free Content - 3 Quick Shortcuts To Fix Your Back
There are a stack of sites and podcast on fixing back pain but I’m going to tell you what’s worked the best from my own personal experiences of over 13 years. Subscribe and receive great tips. - William Kwok -
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