Curious to what actually happens in each treatment? Have a read.



  1. You will be emailed a confirmation for you appointment and you will need to fill in and bring in the paperwork on your day of consultation. If you have any old scan bring them in too.
  2.  You will be greeted by our friendly office manager and then our Chiropractor will take you in for your consultation.
  3.  We will discuss for problem in details, then perform a thorough physical examination, take a posture photo to check your posture and a computerised foot scan to measure if you are standing correctly. If X ray are required it will be taken in the office (charges apply).
  4.  We will then take all the information and study it in detail to develop a report outlining the problem, solution and the duration of care.


  1. You will watch a short video outlining what Chiropractic is.
  2.  Our Chiropractor will go through your report in detail what the problem is, how we can help, how long it will take get the problem under control and the costs and time involved.
  3. Every program is specifically designed and tailored for you so you will get the best and fastest outcome.
  4.  You will receive your first adjustment and now your health journey begins.


Each time you arrive you will be ushering into one of our adjusting rooms. Take all your belongs out of your pockets and take belts off and lie face down, breathe slowly and relax  ready our chiropractor to come in.