When temperature drops, you need to combat the coldness to keep your body strong and healthy. Here are some great tips:

1) Nails = the dry air and low humidity will cause to break down the proteins in your nails.
Nails NEED to breathe to retain its strength, so don’t use the commercialised products in the shops. Preferably, try dipping your fingernails in warm olive oil for 15-30 minute. Alternatively, you can smear petroleum jelly like Vaseline over your fingernails and wear cotton gloves overnight so it can maximise absorption.

2) Hair = low humidity, cold weather and woollen hats will contribute to the dryness of your scalp, leading to conditions such as dandruff.
Protect the hair by using protein based conditioners to increase the moisture content or take zinc-based supplements to eradicate the dryness. Also, refrain from wearing woollen hats and wear something made out of cotton.

3) Mind = low humidity and cold air are the leading causes of winter blues. Unfortunately, many people switch their minds off and suffer from the cold, dark winter nights. Try opening up your windows and blinds to let the extra light seap through. Also, try incorporating 30 minutes worth of exercise a day – whether it’s a short run, swimming session or a light walk, when you pump the blood throughout your body, you induce endorphines such as Seratonin. This is basically your ‘happy’ hormones and the more you have = the happier you are!

4) Weight gain= A craving for carbs will sky rocket in Winter. You tend to have more of those cravings than anytime ever, but carbs = unwanted fat. Try switching the carbs for an apple or a banana, which will satisfy your sweet cravings but are low in fat.